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“I now have a much more positive mindset and have positive steps worked out which help me to go forward. These exercises really motivated me and helped me to shift a negative situation into positive thinking. I can see how using these exercises can help my team being more motivated and improve communication and involvement.”


    Manager, Lifting Motivation & Morale Workshop

“We are delighted with everything that took place and the whole team enjoyed the day, so much so, we would like to ask for more! Thank you.”


Operations Manager, Team Building Event

“I can highly recommend the Distance Management workshop.”

  Learning & Development Director, Distance Management – Virtual Teams Workshop

“Excellent day. For me the highlight were the exercises on communication and team motivation & morale.”


Team Leader, Managing People Workshop

“Thank you, you were wonderful. We want to keep in touch with you, Cornelia.”


           Team Leader, Supervisory Skills Workshop

“The exercises where very innovative and drove and the message to me.”


       Head of Communications and Marketing, Team Effectiveness Intervention

“The exercises and discussions were very good at confirming our understanding and reinforcing what we had talked about.”


        Manager, Change Management Event

“I have been on many training courses. This has definitely been one of the better courses I have been on. Well Done!”


            Manager, Effective Interpersonal Skills Workshop

“It went very well. I could see that they were all engaged and thinking. We had a general Management course the other week, but that was not what we needed. This was a lot more useful for us.”


      HR & Training Manager, Distance Management Event

“An excellent learning experience – thank you.”


Supervisor, Supervisory Skills Workshop

“Enjoyed the small group – relaxing atmosphere. Enjoyed the facilitator's style and way she encouraged us to find our own solutions.”

          Quality Manager, Distance Management Workshop

“Useful business case study. It was great to have such an interactive session.”


     IT Director, Distance Management Intervention

“Cornelia was fantastic. Great balance of training methods. The importance of listening properly and then asking the right questions was helpful, and I felt confident from the guidance that I’m delegating effectively.”




Manager, Newly Appointed Manager Workshop





“A very good workshop. Good balance of learning and discussion retained my interest throughout – I liked it a lot. ”


Team Leader, Distance Management Workshop


“The whole day was very well delivered. It was good to get up and do stuff.”


     Manager, Newly Appointed Manager Workshop

“The course was interesting and operated at a good pace. The tutor was sincere and informative. The course was non-threatening.”


                Manager, Managing People Workshop















“Excellent course. I now will be able to more confidently manage staff as I understand advantages of delegation and am more confident being in a managerial role.”


Team Leader, Managing People Workshop



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