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Cornelia Decher  Cornelia Decher

Experienced Management and Personal Development consultant with a focus on helping managers and their teams work more effectively.


Decher Learning & Development was founded in 2004 by Cornelia Decher who has over 10 years experience in Learning & Development. Cornelia is highly respected in her field and has a real ability to engage people and communicate at all levels. She adds professionalism, enthusiasm and a strong results-orientated approach to all of her work.

Cornelia has worked as a Facilitator, Consultant, Trainer and Coach across the private, charitable NGO and public sectors. Prior to becoming independent she spent 6 years in the Finance and IT sector in Team Leader, Trainer and Training & Development consultant roles; primarily for the Global Investment Bank, Credit Swiss First Boston. In addition to working in the UK she has worked in her native Germany and in Slovenia, giving her valuable international and cross-cultural work experience. Cornelia has an MA in Business Studies, is CIPD qualified with the Advanced Diploma in Training and Development and has the certified coaching qualification - Solutions Focus Professional.

For all enquiries please contact Cornelia Decher directly on +44 (0)7905 933220 or

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